Natural beauty

#1 op,
met 5,5 million viewers.

The Dutch directing duo goes for cosmetic overkill in this surreal short starring
Belgian supermodel Hannelore Knuts.


Commissioned: Nowness
Model: Hannelore Knuts
Produced by Blinkart
Makeup & Consultancy:
Ferry van der Nat @ Unit c.m.a.
Assistant: Vanessa Chan @ House Of Orange
All makeup by Ellis Faas Cosmetics

Music: All Shall Be Well
D.O.P.: Ram van Meel
Editor: Mathijs Kok
Assistant: Derek van Egmond
Set Dressers: Hadewieg & Egbert Steenwinkel
Postproduction: Condor Brussel
Producer: Jennifer Byrne – Blinkart

Special thanks to Ellis Faas, Thijs Faas, Peter-Frank Heuseveldt, Monodot,
Random, Hannelore Knuts, Vision by Steff and Alex Tieghi-Walker